S+P Website Launch + Etsy Drop

saturday. november 20th, 2021. 10:47 PM

There have been so many updates lately, I saw the golden opportunity to utilize the one feature I’ve always wanted―my own blog. Except, this is better because this is our blog. Spritz and Pyro is much more to us than just a company or a brand, it holds a deep representation for us and we’ve been working hard to translate that through our craft.

We’re here to talk about news. Before I really go onto a whole other rail…


This journey began in the depths of the pandemic lockdown, so we didn’t have much hope for physical marketing and utilized our first year for research and development. With bonus fun of sharing some of the journey through our Instagram account. Now, we’ve had two events under our belt and 4 more locked in for this winter season.

Pompano Beach | Green Market 2nd + 4th Saturdays | 9am - 2pm
Meet Us: NOV 13th + DEC 11th

Pompano Beach | Untapped 1st Friday | 6pm - 10pm
Meet Us: DEC. 4th + JAN 7th

Wellington | 23rd Annual Garlic Fest | 10am - 6pm
Meet Us: FEB. 12th + 13th