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S+P Website Launch + Etsy Drop

saturday. november 20th, 2021. 10:47 PM

There have been so many updates lately, I saw the golden opportunity to utilize the one feature I’ve always wanted―my own blog. Except, this is better because this is our blog. Spritz and Pyro is much more to us than just a company or a brand, it holds a deep representation for us and we’ve been working hard to translate that through our craft.

We’re here to talk about news. Before I really go onto a whole other rail…

This journey began in the depths of the pandemic lockdown, so we didn’t have much hope for physical marketing and utilized our first year for research and development. With bonus fun of sharing some of the journey through our Instagram account. Now, we’ve had two events under our belt and 4 more locked in for this winter season.

Pompano Beach | Green Market 2nd + 4th Saturdays | 9am - 2pm
Meet Us: NOV 13th + DEC 11th

Pompano Beach | Untapped 1st Friday | 6pm - 10pm
Meet Us: DEC. 4th + JAN 7th

Wellington | 23rd Annual Garlic Fest | 10am - 6pm
Meet Us: FEB. 12th + 13th

We’re not done there though.

It’s been really refreshing meeting like-minded people who are excited and mesmerized by not only the Spritz and Pyro final products, but what we can create for them. This may have not been stressed enough, but we love doing custom orders! The conceptual process is what I love to emphasize and organize, where Pyro enjoys a few bullet points and works to get his hands dusted with progress. We balance each other pretty well and work on clear communication to execute beyond your expectations. Crafting and building with our hands is about all we want to do nowadays, especially paired with smelling like a little campfire and seeing our pups enjoying the garage door open.

From our most recent show to the upcoming season, we’ve been getting more orders! The feeling gives me enough energy to get up in the morning and make it to that cup of espresso, lol. The support isn’t easy for me to put into words, so we’ll work on pouring the appreciation through the designs and execution. Every purchase and experiment is another chance for us to elevate our products and create a sharper final piece. There’s a surprise birthday order to bundle some of our essentials, a Christmas order that rocks the night, specially-designed coasters for the home, and…

A big commission that I can’t quite express how excited I am to do this! Somehow it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. So, I’ll only share a few details from the brief:
Nautical | Books | Growth | Newborn
…I’ll let your head run wild because that’s exactly what we’re doing currently. Conceptual design. On that note, there is a big date to keep in mind for Spritz + Pyro orders.


¹ This only applies to orders with the expectation of making it before late December. If you’re looking to make a specific holiday, birthday, or event order to be gifted before New Year’s Eve, now is the time to be thinking about your design and making that order. We’re a two-man squad that can create a lot in a surprising amount of time, but we want to be considerate of the delivery times and expectations.

We do, however, have some items in stock right now, from our previous event! I’m going to try and get those items photographed and uploaded because we can have a much faster turnaround time on their delivery. If you need something fast, then just hang in there for one more week. By November 26th at 9pm Eastern Standard, we’ll be doing an additional product drop in our personal store and Etsy store. We really appreciate your support and look forward to making ourselves more accessible as we grow.

do you need to find a different gift this year to change things up a bit?

If you’re not sure what to do this season or you’re concerned about the deadline, but really want to give the gift of a custom order? We also have eGift Cards available through our shop!
Visit > Shop Online > eGift Cards
This will be a direct purchase from you that is sent to your giftee! They’ll receive an email for the corresponding eGift Card and can use it whenever they’d like, there are no expiration dates. We enjoy sharing our process, so they can place their own order and follow along as we create their one-of-a-kind Spritz and Pyro piece!

Through our site, you can also find our Upcoming Events and book our services online! These are for serious inquiries and some do require a down payment after our free consultation. To spice things up even more, we’re offering evening classes with Chef Phil as he shares his experience and techniques for plating charcuterie boards! It’ll be about an hour’s worth of laughter, experimenting with food, and building up a board like you’ve never plated before. Seriously, no experience on your end required!

There’s a lot of new things coming around, so keep your ears sharp for whispers of Spritz and Pyro development in the breeze! Or subscribe to our email list through to be up to date with our activity, whichever is easiest for you to get the news quickly.

Thank you for your continued support! ^.^


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