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the origin

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Spritz + Pyro was a breath of fresh air from its beginning.


During the lockdown week in 2020, it was apparent to us that we had to pivot from our first business that was a cleaning company with suddenly no access to cleaning products. As it seemed that we were declining in luck, the lockdown brought us a sliver of a silver lining.

However, there was a serious lesson to be learned: we want to love what we do, every single day.

Then, we fumbled across fractal burning! It spoke to their inner dreams, past experiences, and its damn exciting! After hours of videos and research, we charged ahead into the limitless possibilities.


Within a couple of months, the space we used for a shop wasn't available and we had to be creative for about 5 months. After that, we flipped a work/storage garage into a small business' wood shop (with a little laundry area for our gracious hosts!) Almost 7 months later, we were back to working in our shop, but we still had a lot of responsibilities to manage. The seas really began to look rough for us...


But Now!

We're officially working towards full-time focus on this dream! After leaving the corporate nine-to-five world, then managing the multi-side hustle groove, we're freely sprinting ahead with Spritz and Pyro. We've accounted for every success and failure to strive through this pandemic with the ultimate growth. Exploring this electrifying art brought us to a creative community, enthusiastic supporters, and inspiration around every corner. 

We work with the flow of the elements to capture nature's beauty

From coasters to charcuterie boards to tables, and your wildest imagination; we're your friendly, neighborhood, woodworking artists! Follow us on Instagram for fun behind-the-scenes as we go. Oh! Plus, Pinterest, Facebook--you know what? Just save our Linktree and you'll always have access to what we're doing.

The Faces Behind the Art

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