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Celebrating 12 Days of Christmas

Welcome to our first annual celebration of 12 Days of Christmas!

This year, we plan on spreading the big cheer with special sales that are going on for 24 hours long, 12 days in a row. Each day, there will be a new sale, whether it is going on for one specific item to even an entire category! Let’s get into it!

The Twelve Days of Christmas will begin on December 5th at 12:00 am. This sale, like the next 11 to follow, will all end at 11:59 pm giving way towards a new sale to be discovered. Thankfully though, just the fact that you are reading this means you are one of our special subscribers! Pyro and I want to reveal what savings you can plan for during the first 5 Days of Christmas.


here are thirteen products that you can expect to save on this upcoming week.

First Day of CHristmas:

Second Day of Christmas:

Third Day of CHristmas:

Fourth Day of CHristmas

Sixth Day of CHristmas:


with a bonus sale of Retro Aprons 15% off

Are you ready to talk about that GOLDEN Giveaway?

We are SO thrilled to be hosting this one! Our handmade products have been getting a whole new facelift this season and we want to share this with another lucky person.

This Giveaway will include the Golden Holiday Edition Cheesel! This board doesn’t just shine, its golden surface features frosty white electric branches that are just perfect for the holidays. These luxurious colors are sure to ignite the winter spirit within you and those you get to dress and share it with. Let your winterscapes of cheese, meats, butters, jams, and more be overflowing and leaving an everlasting impression.

With all of our handmade products, This Golden Cheesel will also come with our Lifetime Guarantee. It’s our promise to you that we will be here to ensure your piece looks like day one no matter how many years you have had it. We are your wood and resin, fractal burning experts.

The details for entering our Golden Giveaway, what the reward looks like and when we expect to announce the winners will be coming soon. The icing on top? You will automatically be entered with one entry as one of our subscribers!

For our international supporters, if you are the lucky winner, please note that the shipping for this item may take a few weeks due to the holiday season and customs. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding!

We hope that you see the pride we have for this event and can help us grow this brand, whether its through your holiday shopping or sharing our shop with your friends and family. Your continuous support means the world to us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us,

Spritz and Pyro


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