2022: Same Grind, New Places

January 5th 2022 11:10 a.m.


Hey everyone!

As we're ringing in the new year, Pyro and I are choosing to do things a little differently and we can't wait to see how Spritz + Pyro will evolve throughout this year! We've been active on Instagram since the beginning of this brand and our plan is to use it for its initial intention: to share behind-the-scenes! That leaves our blog completely open to communicate about everything else Spritz + Pyro.

Want to know more about working with resin?

maybe you're interested in learning about the woodworking or fractal burning aspect of our craft!

OR You think our art is just thebomb.com and you want to know more about how we manage our work/shop/life balance.

Trust me, there will be room for a variety of conversations here! So, if you like what we do, who we are, or what we're trying to accomplish, then please follow us to stay up to date!


We are booked for:

The Palm Beach Winter Boat show

Palm Beach Outlets

January 21st to 23rd

23rd Annual South Florida Garlic Fest

Wellington, FL

February 12th + 13th

Not to Mention...