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Updated: Nov 26, 2021

WEDNESDAY. november 24th, 2021. 9:41 PM

First things, first.

Gobble gobble.




An aspect that’s been an enjoyable, but difficult part of our process, is managing to document everything. If I’m being real, the idea of still missing a step in the process here and there would not be a surprise for me. There are a lot of steps from concept to delivery. Recording though, can be really fun and Pyro and I have gotten into it more over the past year. As we’ve changed the shop around, it’s been great for certain steps, but we’re not fully equipped to capture it all for our enjoyment and sharing. However, I’m always pushing us to elevate our images and videos with what we have, one may argue too much at times.

It was worth it in the end though, haha! Our galleries have been coming out really well and cohesive! As much as I love/hate the planning, I really do mean to get to it more, but I can’t make it a back breaking priority. When there’s everything there that there can be to do in a day, I’m just grateful to have Phil to share the load with. If a social media post is about to break my overactive, espresso-fueled processing gears, then it just has to wait for another day. That being said, there are so many videos from behind the scenes that I’ve been wanting to share with everyone since the beginning of this Spritz and Pyro chapter. The intense amount of learning is a huge bonus to this work since it plays into our productivity and efficiency in and out of the shop.

s h i f t i n g g e a r s.

I’m looking forward to using the end of this year to gather all of those files, organize them (somehow) and start releasing them through our site! Possibly more… We shall see what the future holds! But, I rather not share information too early, at least not before certain checks off the list have been made. All of these files open so many opportunities for us to share with you about ourselves, what we love to do, highlights on what we’ve learned, and how we manage to get through these days in our little wood shop. We’ve been meeting so many people in person and we have the