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On the 5th Day of Christmas, We are Giving Away our First Golden Holiday Cheesel!

Thanks for joining us on this electrifying day!

We are so excited to announce the details of our GOLDEN Giveaway and share with you our treasured prize. Here is the GOLDEN Holiday Edition Cheesel featuring frosty white electrified branches and a clear, mirror shine. This charcuterie board will leave your guests in awe, even as your graciously plated spread is cleared of its delicious treats.

In order to win the very first edition of this board, you have a total chance of submitting 3 entries!


Here’s how you do it:

  1. Subscribe to the GOLDEN Link in Bio

Without this step, you will not be entered. Your first and main entry objective is to subscribe by following the GOLDEN link!

Then, you can do two of three following options:

  1. Share the Instagram post to your story [with a tag so we are notified and can confirm]

  2. Give us a Follow on Instagram

  3. Comment two friends

The GOLDEN Giveaway subscription link will be live for 72 hours, beginning on December 9th at 12:00 am. Your chance for entries will be closed at 11:59 pm on December 11th.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, December 14th via Instagram and email!

Pssst… Between you and I, there is going to be one more giveaway before the 12 days are over. Even if you don’t win during this giveaway, you will have an automatic entry for any giveaways that follow, when you subscribe!

Help us spread the festive cheer these next few days by telling your friends about our giveaway, electrified branches, and our brand. The more people that participate in our giveaways, the more luxurious, fractal burned designs may come your way! We are so looking forward to electrifying our way into 2023.

Not already subscriber? Enter to win here!

This is the best time to subscribe as we transition to 2023, we will be delivering so many exciting benefits for you. Especially for our customers who return to us time and time again. Thank you for shopping with us this holiday season, it means the world to us!

Currently, we are implementing new features on our website to better support and communicate with you.

Wishing you GOLDEN luck,

Spritz and Pyro


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