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welcome to a new age mom + pop's woodshop

expanding our shop and taking the first steps to not only evolve our space, but the brand

Though the clouds may be gray, our spirits are bright with fire. Which, I can’t say we were feeling the same way just a few weeks ago…

The smell of coffee is warm throughout home as our ideas have been swelling to life. After various changes in our personal life we decided with our vacation approaching that it would be the perfect time to hit the reset button. It’s never easy stepping away from creating progress, but breaks are so vital! Here we are, almost two and a half years after the beginning of Spritz and Pyro which started out with a single, fold-out table in a family member’s storage garage. We’ve done so much work to expand our space and business by transforming that storage garage into an open woodshop with 3 large, mobile tables that we built from scrap wood. There was a question that had been biting at us from the beginning,

“How can we make our process more efficient and save our clients more time?”

Everyday that we walked into our shop and began to burn a plank of wood, we reflected on every step in our process and would make notes or argue on how to improve it. From set up to burning and to break down, what ways could we work smarter…

Simultaneously, the same thorough effort was being put into understanding you! We want to know how we can better support your self expression and comfort in your space. We know the kitchen is where magic happens and hosting thrives, the living and dining rooms whisper meaningful conversations, and the bedrooms are the epitome of rest.

“Damn. We want to, but how can we support all of that out of our apartment and workshop?”

Sure enough, we found a way. It’s how we keep rolling.

There was a thought that we had to shift; we felt like we were “giving up,” by even considering products that don’t directly come from our grounds, made by the pair of our hands. Suddenly, a pile of excuses were creating blinding limits instead of just seeing the opportunity before us; then it clicked.

We have partnered up with select shops that have brought something special to the table; one is an east coast, family owned for three generations and another is set on continually evolving their eco-friendly products. We are so happy to announce the expansion of our products by releasing a curation designed to elevate the small to big and even the monotonous moments in your day! You can fill your home with fun, seasonal pillows or keep a unique, hardcover notebook for your daily gratitude or to-do list. I heard you can even expand your mug collection with some funky mushrooms that say, “Stay Weird,” if you’re inspired by that.

Our list and designs will continue to evolve, so we will be releasing exclusive catalogs on a monthly basis. Don’t miss out on the epic collection we’re building for you by subscribing, spreading the word about our New Age Mom and Pop Woodshop and heart your favorite product from our Etsy shop for a special gift.

Be prepared for some electrifying changes around here in the upcoming months!

Thanks for reading,

Spritz & Pyro

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