Fueling Our Motivation

WED. January 19th 2:45 p.m.


Let's recap:

Today, is January 19th and today would have marked the entire past month that we weren't able to be in our shop. In December, Pyro's father was fighting COVID just before the holidays. After the holidays, both Pyro and I ended up fighting COVID, too! As we kept our distance to keep everyone safe and prevent further spreading, we were unfortunately left without seeing our shop.

Now, the weather is cool and our immune systems are feeling much better. After the much needed rest and proper indulgence in vitamins, we are grooving back into action! The unexpected break brought the stir-crazy out of all of us and we felt it the most for Chopper.

This Poor Boy

After Three weeks of self quarantining in our home, Chopper was getting moody! He couldn't sit still, was constantly asking to go outside and we couldn't blame him, we were in the same boat. Then, as we're working on getting better through the past week and find our groove, Chopper somehow gets an eye infection. This poor little guy looked, as pyro likes to put it, "like he was punched in the face by Mike Tyson." I'll spare you the nasty details, but thankfully we were able to treat it!

then this morning, he woke up with the other eye infected.


Unfortunately, we weren't surprised since we noticed him scratching his other eye just the day before. He's doing alright otherwise, though! We've been able to give him more walks as we're fully recovered and even made it back to the gym so he could say hi to all of his friends. it's funny, His personality is really different when he doesn't get to see his friends at the gym in the morning. Starting the day off with a tough workout in a supportive community, who also loves Chopper to death, is an amazing way to start our day! We really missed it.

Back to Work

Being sick is a real pain in the butt and I know I'm speaking to the choir. Recovering can sometimes be extremely difficult and we were really lucky to have had such a mild case. In the diligent effort of pushing back into work without overloading ourselves, we've been making some progress! I'm not sure how many people feel this way, but I notice that after a certain amount of time, social media just doesn't help me. I'm usually going through a few different platforms to look and interact with inspiration and related artists in the industries. I forgot how much social media can have an affect on our mental health, especially if we're not careful with the consumption level.