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Wicking Spikes Set

Wicking Spikes Set


Based on popular rising demand, we’ve developed our own set of wicking spikes that can be used in your garden or for your potted plants! These are designed to be used in an irrigation system like those found with self-watering rain gutters. The single spike is a great multi-purpose connection because it can fit in any bag (cotton, plastic, etc.) or your terracotta pots!


  • Made to order

  • Made with eco-friendly plastic

  • Set of 4

  • Dimensions: 1” Wide Spike x 2” Base x 5.5” Tall

Color Options
  • Note From the Artists

    All items are made from concept to finish in our shop, which means that every piece we build for you is its own unique, handmade creation. The photos may be used for reference, to ensure the final piece you receive is our best quality. Our products are made-to-order (unless noted otherwise) and they will take about 2 weeks to process and shipping is always included. We work hard to ensure the final piece we deliver is nothing less than everything you were hoping for! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a message

  • Care Instructions:

    We always recommend dusting with a clean microfiber. For plant related products like our moss pole, you can spray them with water (along with the moss!) For the wall art pieces, you can clean them with a small amount of non-ammonia glass cleaner, but we recommend just dusting. For our high-gloss fractal burned products, you can also wipe them with a microfiber. Never use an abrasive cloth or cleaner.

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