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A New Gen of Design Is Brewing

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

New developments for three of our handmade products, hosting a flash expedited custom drop, and important dates to know!

Jan 28th, 2022 3:30 pm


Espresso brewing in a percolator on a white stove.

The winds have been changing for us over here in our south Floridian woodshop, though we’re not talking about this heat lately. No, there has been a lot of experience gained inside and out of our shop this year and we saw a glimmer for a wonderful opportunity.

It was one of those days where we looked each other in the eyes as we finished an exciting phone call. Our honey-sweetened espressos were resting close to our chests as we silently agreed; it was time.

Time to pause and take a moment to think. The morning was complete and we headed out to browse some local stores, while we mulled over our process and did some in-store training with Chopper. We sought to keep our minds open, despite having a theory we hoped would be worth budgeting out.

I’m happy to report that we’ve unlocked the method for a whole new level in Spritz + Pyro.

There’s been a few changes established, while even more are being scheduled and finalized. For those of you who’ve been patient with your subscriptions, we really appreciate your continued support and patience! We have more information lined up, so keep an eye out for all that’s happening in our electrifying woodshop.

Small charcuterie board of meats, cheeses, and bread on a rustic handled board.

You won't be seeing "Charcuterie" around here anymore

There’s been a lot more spotlights and conversations recently about the booming, charcuterie industry. Who else would have anticipated discovering the simplest method to create your own glorious, salted-meat rose with just a glass? Better yet, was that there was someone brilliant enough to begin marketing the Shark-Coochie Board and that grew more than I expected.

It’s awesome, fun, and part of why we were immediately drawn to having charcuterie boards as one of our main, handcrafted products. When it comes to sharing food, the entire experience is curated from a collection of details and choices fueled with love for those we choose to share it with. The way you dine is entirely up to you, but we’re here to deliver you and your guests high quality, luxurious boards that are made with love from the board, up. Leaving you the time and space to create to your hearts' content, knowing that you are going to nail that presentation.

Call it what you will; grazing, tasing, platters, charcuterie, shark coochie, the adult lunchables alternative...

now, We declare on this day, June 28th 2022, that our boards will no longer be known as a “Charcuterie,” but a name that no other has previously thought of or claimed…

The CheEsel.

Inspired by the ultra-creative passion and love one pours into creating such enticing, delicious landscapes to share with others. Your art deserves an electrifying canvas.

The CheEsel is handcrafted with a new, updated design to pair–and yes, we will be offering a comfortable thumbhole–if you desire the complete look–so you can serve your cheese/meat/sweets art like a true Picasso, or Dali or whomever you wish was decorating your walls.

Food platter resting on a stool with a dramatic, dreamy spotlight. There's an easel just behind with a painting resting on it behind a foggy, dust cloud.

The Cheesel

14 inch Face [feeds 1~4]

Beyond-the-Edge Electrical Branches

Modernized Edge Enhancement

More Customization Potential

That one day made a huge difference. We discovered a new method that opened up a new opportunity beyond the design: wholesale production! In two days, we flushed out some basic designs, plans, and more exciting experiments to test and improve.

Let’s talk about that later though. For now, I want to tell you about another favorite of ours that’s received some new features that must be highlighted!

chunky coasters are getting a new facelift

During the winter season, our coasters had both an aesthetic and functional change of design. They got chunky! Nerves always seem to hit the last few moments before the truth and before we knew it, so many people fell in love with their look.

After opening the door of opportunity, we knew we had to explore any weaknesses that we wanted to address for our coasters. Why not level them up, right?

Octagonal wooden coasters that are fractal burned, filled with neon yellow and blue. Two rest diagonally on a pine table top with saw dust beneath. by #spritzandpyro

Octagonal Coasters

3 ½ in. Face

¾ in. Depth

Beyond-the-Edge Electrical Branches

Clear Rubber Feet

The octagonal shape is a sleeker improvement that fits even more varieties of cups, mugs, and glasses. Similarly to The Cheesel, our coasters will feature greater and deeper details from our fractal burning.

Oh! We’ve also found a way to create less waste during our electrical branch cleaning process. We’re really happy about the switch since it’s less abrasive too, so we don’t risk digging into the surface of the wood nearly as much when we have to clean them post-burning.

and Last, but definitely not least

we're looking to elevate some aesthetics

this one makes me chuckle honestly. This is part of an ongoing battle, I mean discussion with Pyro on our choice of aesthetic approach. We both want to create a piece that displays balance, but he hasn’t tried my idea yet. Our original sushi boards are made with 1 in. legs on either side of the board and I’ve been wanting to elevate them just a little bit more.

After 2 years, this DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY had me so determined that as soon as the topic came up, I just had to look at Pyro before he broke into a smirk. He knew what was coming, so now we’re going to be increasing the height from 1 inch to 2 inches! We’re also going to change the size of our Small Sushi Board; once measured at 16 in. x 9 ½ in. x 1 in. is now:

14 in. x 7 in. x 3 in.

~ or ~

14 in. x 7 in. x 2 in.

You know, in case things end up not working out like I’m hoping they will, lol

Have any QUESTIONS? leave a comment below or contact us

How can I order one of the updated products?

We are holding a flash, expedited Drop! For one of the first times, we have a limited inventory in our shop that's available for Expedited customized processing until July 11th by 11:59 pm EST.

How long will the process take?

This drop will be shipped out by July 22nd*. For questions about shipping, please visit here.

Black train traveling through high bushes with steam pumping from the engine. Grassy plains rest in the background with a few trees in the far distance.

*Our handcrafted shop is scheduled for some well needed rest, so we are going to be closed from July 21st to July 30th. The last day we can accept orders for this expedited process will be:

Friday, july 15th by 11:59 p.m. est

BIG NOTE: For our Cheesels and Sushi Boards, we will only be offering Resin Coated at this time. If you’re interested in creating something different, however, just schedule your phone call here.

When was the last time you visited our site? If you’ve stopped by recently, maybe you’ve noticed there’s been some new additions. No worries if you haven’t though! We’ll be going over some changes, additions, and a peek into what we’re looking forward to this season. Important dates will be included, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out!

IF you have any spectacular ideas, comments, or questions, please leave them below! We would love to hear what these changes are stirring up in your minds!



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