A New Gen of Design Is Brewing

Updated: Jul 10

New developments for three of our handmade products, hosting a flash expedited custom drop, and important dates to know!

Jan 28th, 2022 3:30 pm


Espresso brewing in a percolator on a white stove.

The winds have been changing for us over here in our south Floridian woodshop, though we’re not talking about this heat lately. No, there has been a lot of experience gained inside and out of our shop this year and we saw a glimmer for a wonderful opportunity.

It was one of those days where we looked each other in the eyes as we finished an exciting phone call. Our honey-sweetened espressos were resting close to our chests as we silently agreed; it was time.

Time to pause and take a moment to think. The morning was complete and we headed out to browse some local stores, while we mulled over our process and did some in-store training with Chopper. We sought to keep our minds open, despite having a theory we hoped would be worth budgeting out.

I’m happy to report that we’ve unlocked the method for a whole new level in Spritz + Pyro.

There’s been a few changes established, while even more are being scheduled and finalized. For those of you who’ve been patient with your subscriptions, we really appreciate your continued support and patience! We have more information lined up, so keep an eye out for all that’s happening in our electrifying woodshop.

Small charcuterie board of meats, cheeses, and bread on a rustic handled board.

You won't be seeing "Charcuterie" around here anymore

There’s been a lot more spotlights and conversations recently about the booming, charcuterie industry. Who else would have anticipated discovering the simplest method to create your own glorious, salted-meat rose with just a glass? Better yet, was that there was someone brilliant enough to begin marketing the Shark-Coochie Board and that grew more than I expected.