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What if I want different options?
how long can the process take?

If you see a product that you love, but not the options that you’re hoping for, then hit us up! We’ll be more than happy to discuss customizing your piece, just email us.

All of our products are made-to-order unless otherwise specified (i.e. Fast Shipping.) The processing time can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks between fractal burning and incorporating resin. This does not include the time to process for shipping*.

do you offer in-person consultations?
are charcuterie boards food safe?

Currently, we’re offering phone calls for when you book your first service consultation! We’ll send you our contact information with the confirmation.

Products that we fractal burn MUST be Resin Topped IF you wish to use them for food.

QA: Orders/Sevices


About 90% of our business supplies are recycled or made with recyclable material

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business cards are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper

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The packaging fillers are recycled from our home + a few family members that chip in with their purchases and deliveries. Paper, plastic, bubble wrap, and cardboard confetti; we don’t discriminate.

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The boxes we ship the products in are recycled or repurposed

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Even down to our packaging tape, so it’s a whole bunch of small efforts everywhere!



We rely on Fedex to ship nationally and USPS for international shipping to help with the cost

National Shipping with Fedex.png

Fedex Ground is generally from 3-5 business days

International Shipping with USPS.png

USPS International can take about 7-12 business days

if you need to expedite the delivery process or prefer a different carrier, please contact us before checking out at:

Keep in mind that Florida residents tend to receive quicker delivery times with Fedex Ground, but location is a large factor.

Online Services
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